Free download Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC)

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC)

The most conveneient and comprehensive French-English bidirectional dictionary for your PocketPC
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26 September 2008

Editor's review

English and French are the most widely used languages across the globe. So, knowledge for both these languages is very necessary in today’s competing environs. To address this need

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC) 6.0.1 comes up as an effective solution. This is easy to use and comprehensive French to English and vice-versa, dictionary for Students, Translators, Businessmen, etc. The dictionary application is compatible with Windows Mobile device that makes it available for the users while they are on the move. Comprising of more than 300,000 indexed entries, the application also boasts of a large number of idiomatic expressions, colloquial and technical terms, and even more. The interactive features of the application make the application worthwhile for the users.

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC) 6.0.1 can increase the utility of the Windows mobile device if you are traveling through a region where French skills are in demand. To find the proper word or translation you can type in the required word and the program would display the results accordingly. The dictionary includes comprehensive verb conjugation tables feature which provides you pluperfect to subjunctive, and conjugate verbs in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. While looking for different words you get thousands of entries per language, and also get the technical terms, idiomatic expressions, and slang. It also supports Lemmatized search, which allows the users to carry out the search using any form of word from the subjunctive to the feminine plural. To make it convenient for you, it keeps the record of previous searches with History feature. It even allows you to add or modify the entries, and provides number-to-text converter, secondary translation and different other features. The features are designed and labeled as per user’s convenience to understand them.

Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC) 6.0.1 dictionary’s easy operability and wide range of features make it deserve 4 rating points. The application, when installed on Window Mobile device, can be used anytime anywhere required. In addition, it has been prove to be competent solution for a wide range of functions including, inserting large number of entries, expressions, terms, etc.

Publisher's description

The most convenient and comprehensive French-English / English-French dictionary for your Windows Mobile device. This is a professional grade dictionary for use in education, translation, and business. It includes over 300,000 indexed entries, including thousands of technical and colloquial terms, idiomatic expressions, and more. Useful for reading, writing and translating.
And Ultralingua is the only handheld dictionary with exhaustive verb conjugation tables and stemming search (recognizing irregular and conjugated forms) modes. Ultralingua is also customizable, has a multi-lingual interface, supports multiple language databases in a single interface, and allows you to launch "find" from within other applications.
- Over 300,000 entries
- Technical, literary & slang terms
- A choice of stemmed search or browsing search
- Complete verb conjugation, including compound tenses
- Thousands of idiomatic expressions
- Lots of contextual information
- Recognition of irregular and conjugated forms
- Multilingual interface
- Add / modify personal entries
- Hi-Resolution interface
- Secondary translation feature
- Number-to-text converter
Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC)
Ultralingua French-English Dictionary (PPC)
Version 6.0.1
Free Download

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